About Us

Our Mission:

SMEResults exists to provide a new kind of consulting.  Consulting services as they exist are extremely expensive, and often filled with consultants who work outside of their area of expertise and make sure that they are indispensable to their client.  We believe that a consultant should only be a temporary employee, much like a contractor.  A consultant should provide strategies to fix a problem and teach their client how to implement and maintain those strategies successfully without their help.

Our Process:

Our process allows our clients to learn the research and reasoning behind the strategies that we teach, so they can constantly adapt them to face the ever-changing world of business – without the constant need for consultants.  While we are always available to help a client with questions, our ultimate goal is the reason many of our clients started a business in the first place – independence.

Our Consultants:

Our consultants have experience with different businesses ranging from family owned businesses with under 10 employees, to non-for-profits with hundreds of employees, to healthcare systems with thousands of employees.  We have found that the most rewarding work, and the work where the most benefit can be seen is with the small to medium sized businesses, and that is why these businesses are the focus of SMEResults.